Peddling (2018)

Written/Directed by Terry Bluez

A 12-year-old boy's desire for a bicycle leads him on a journey to manhood in the inner cities of Texas.

This film is still currently on the film festival circuit and will be released online early 2020

The Other Black Guy (2017)

Written/Directed by Terry Bluez

Being the only black guy at work can have its advantages, but when a new black guy is hired, will he be friend or foe?

Cydney Cox Producer Mark Thomas Darius Alexander Grant Davis Caodan Tran

Ball is Life (2016)

Written/Directed by Terry Bluez

Ball is Life is the story of a young female basketball star on the verge of earning a Division I scholarship under the intense coaching of her overbearing father until makes a discovery that could possibly end her career.

The Deans List (2015)

Written/Directed/Starring Terry Bluez

The Dean’s List is a coming to age dark comedy following the life of a former juvenile delinquent on the verge of graduating college as he attempts to sever ties from his former street life.